About Us


Becoming a parent is a one of life’s most challenging experiences; width the tools provided by BPP it can also be one of the most rewarding


We envision every expectant couple receiving—as a standard of care—the information, skills, and support they need to create strong and healthy families.



  • A Nursing-Based Approach – promoting and optimizing the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities from a holistic approach
  • Curiosity – aspiring to learn from every individual with whom we come into contact; maintaining a lifelong commitment to learning
  • Diversity – recognizing, respecting, and celebrating the unique nature of every individual, couple, and family
  • Fatherhoodvaluing fathers as an integral part of their children’s lives
  • Parenting Partnerships – valuing successful healthy parenting partnerships as the core to healthy development of children and families
  • Prevention – empowering couples to manage common challenges through a proactive approach of anticipatory guidance and skills
  • Research – translating new findings into innovative, accessible, and useful tools
  • Self-Determinationhonoring the freedom of couples to use their unique capabilities and make their own decisions


The roots of Becoming Parents Program are in fatherhood. Early in her program of research, Pam Jordan, Ph.D., RN began to ask: why do men become less involved in their families following the birth of a baby? After hearing the experiences of hundreds of men through her research, she discovered that men did not choose to be uninvolved, but felt left out from the moment their partners became pregnant. “These dads were ‘laboring for relevance,’” said Dr. Jordan. “They longed to be seen as an integral part of pregnancy and their child’s life, but their partners held the key to inviting them into parenthood.”

As a result of this research, Dr. Jordan began constructing a couple-focused program for expectant parents that would later evolve into the Becoming Parents Program. She combined over 20 years of her own research with the highly effective Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP®). Dr. Jordan also utilized information from the Stop Anger and Violence Escalation (SAVE) and the Domestic Conflict Containment Programs (DCCP) to bring in focus on coping with stress, anger management, and preventing domestic violence. The result is an innovative program that meets the real needs of unique couples as they add a new baby to the family.