Program for Couples

There’s so much to think about when getting ready for a new baby and there’s never enough time for it all. Preparing an environment that is not only physically safe, but emotionally nurturing is very important. In the rush to “ready the nursery” expectant and new parent couples often forget to prepare the most important part of the child’s nest: their relationship.

Research shows that children do the very best in life when parents have made their couple relationship a priority. That’s why our research-based workshops and materials combine skills to strengthen your couple relationship with tools for understanding your baby. The result is a very unique program that minimizes the predictable challenges of new parenthood.

The Becoming Parents Program approach will equip you to:

  • Parent effectively as a team
  • Successfully add parenthood to all that you do
  • Take time for yourself without guilt
  • Reduce the risk of post-partum depression
  • Become an expert on your new baby
  • Keep your couple relationship alive and growing

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