Until recently, most of the Becoming Parents Program classes have been available only to participants in national research studies. We are now working with agencies and organizations across the country to make the program widely accessible.


Enroll in a Becoming Parents Program Classes

Our series of classes is designed for couples who are expecting the birth of child, or who have a new baby, and is appropriate for all couples regardless of race, ethnicity, culture or socioeconomic status or sexual orientation.


You and your partner will:

  • Gain skills to strengthen and prepare your relationship for parenthood
  • Attend nurse-facilitated workshops on understanding your baby
  • Learn research-based tools to foster optimal infant development, maintain self, and stay strong as a couple



Find a Class Series

The Becoming Parents Program class series is currently available through our partner providers all over the world. If you’d like to find out if our workshops are offered in your community, click here to let us know or e-mail us at