Instructor Training Schedule

Becoming Parents Program Instructor Trainings are interactive and relaxed. We honor trainee participation and provide time for questions and personal attention for each trainee. Becoming Parents Program, Inc. is committed to personal satisfaction and complete understanding for every individual trained to offer our program.

(Note: each day includes 5-10 minute breaks every hour, and a 45-minute to 1-hour lunch. Training Days are approximately 8 hours each.)


General Background, Initial Introduction to Purpose

  • Introductions
  • Overview of what to expect during training, logistics, etc.
  • Purpose of training and what training will enable trainees to do
  • Introduction to materials (Leader’s Manual, Couple’s Manual, Communication Coach Manual, videos, evaluation, etc.)
  • Possibilities for Becoming Parents Program–brief (to be covered in-depth Day 4)
  • Foundational research
  • Current state of and statistics about relationships, child development, health, etc.
  • Interventions developed to ameliorate dismal statistics (PREP, SAVE/DCCP)
  • Transition to parenthood research
  • Development of the Becoming Parents Program

Begin Teaching/Examining Content of the Becoming Parents Program Curriculum

  • Understanding basic communication, Speaker-Listener Technique, Problem Solving Process, issues and events, hidden issues, introduction to couple homework
  • Videos throughout, breakout sessions with communication coaches, guided examples throughout to facilitate understanding.

Questions/Issues from Day 1 and Evaluations


Continue Teaching/Examining Content of Becoming Parents Program Curriculum

  • Speaker-Listener Technique review, Problem Solving Process continued, expectations, commitment, jealousy, anger and violence, A Baby’s World: A Whole New World video, friendship, fun

Questions/Issues from Day 2 and Evaluations


Continue Teaching/Examining Content of the Becoming Parents Program Curriculum

  • Core values and beliefs, relationship enhancement—intimacy, exploring work and family issues, self-care, creating a healthy lifestyle for your family, managing stress, managing fatigue, creating a support network

Questions/Issues from Day 3 and Evaluations


Continue Teaching/Examining Content of the Becoming Parents Program Curriculum

  • Owner’s Manual for your Baby:
    • infant states, infant cues, dealing with crying, feeding, sleep modulation, research on infant development
  • Structure and function of the “Booster Sessions” (post-natal content)

Questions/Issues from Day 4 and Evaluations


Implementing the Becoming Parents Program

  • Audiences for the Becoming Parents Program
  • Where to offer the Becoming Parents Program
  • Personnel
  • Recruitment and training of Communication Coaches
  • Marketing materials packet
  • Fees and financing strategies
  • Program logistics
  • Resources for instructors
    • Access to secure website information and discussion forum
    • Access to materials
    • Helpful educational links
    • Access to Founder, Senior Presenters for troubleshooting
  • Resources for couples
    • Useful links on childbearing, childrearing, relationship enhancement, mental and physical health and well being
    • Community services in your area
    • National organizations in support of relationships, and/or transition to parenthood

Questions/Issues from Day 5 and Training as a Whole

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